Emory and Georgia Tech Partnership

In an effort to further advance the neuromodulation field, ENTICe has formed a partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech) Center for Neural Engineering: Innovations for Neural Technology and Engineered Neural Therapies (INTENT). This alliance is ideal because of the concurrent strengths in neurology, neuroscience, neural engineering, and neurosurgery across the two Universities.

ENTICe physician scientists are internationally known pioneers for the development of clinical neuromodulation treatments, particularly deep brain stimulation, and INTENT scientists have a strong record of using engineering approaches such as neural interfacing, neural signal analysis, neural simulation, and real-time manipulation of neural circuits for interfacing, to advance the quantitative understanding of neural function and neurotechnologies. In addition, Georgia Tech has expertise in technical and engineering disciplines that can support these activities with experts in control theory, microfabrication, and neural regeneration and biomaterials - all critical to advance brain stimulation treatments.

The technological strengths of the Georgia Tech team are complementary to the clinical research strengths of the Emory team, creating a relationship that is scientifically beneficial. The combination of Georgia Tech engineering and Emory biomedical and clinical research will 1) allow for the development of novel approaches to advance existing neuromodulation treatments, 2) generate ideas for new devices and treatments that can be brought from bench to bedside, and 3) help establish the mechanism of why particular treatments do or do not succeed.  Together, through the integration of our respective programs and by directing our resources and efforts, we are poised to become world-leaders in areas related to the advancement of neuromodulation treatments and neuroscience research.